Your high school students are searching for answers online.

Why not have someone qualified
answer them?

Made for your values

You get to choose which mentors are the best fit for your community.

Matched to your students

Our PersonaFit system uses dozens of factors to match students with mentors suited to them.

Built with privacy in mind

Letterbox is secure. Students’ private, personal conversations stay that way.

Why schools, students, and parents

How it works


You create your school portal

Students, mentors, values: You decide. Each student gets a private account.


We match with PersonaFit

Using our matching system, we find a mentor to suit each student’s needs.


Students check their Letterboxest

Mentors will reach out to their personalized inboxes to get the conversation started.

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Qualified mentorship that delivers

At Letterbox, each of our mentors is hand-selected. We choose thoughtful, caring individuals from diverse backgrounds, so you’ll find mentors who will best uphold your communal values. That way, parents can feel secure that their teens are in good hands.